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It Moves!

Published by GrahamLewis in the blog Reflections on My Golden River. Views: 109

Sitting here at the kitchen table, glancing out the window, bright sun reflecting off snow. Some slight motion catches my eye. I look more closely. Something sparkly and small, darting across the window. Water. Outside ice come to life and on the move! Nothing special three quarters of the year, but after weeks of near- and sub-zero weather and considerably longer below freezing, it's pretty damned amazing. I brought in the bowl to the birdbath and set it on edge in the sink, until it gave a loud clunk and the ice slid out. I refilled it so the birds can enjoy this mobile ice as well, though I hope they don't bathe in this weather and doubt that they will. The only down side to this thaw is that we have only a thin skiff of snow, and it will likely melt off, leaving us again with shades of dirty brown. Oh well, can't have everything.

Something else moves out there, too. The wildlife, though they come by all year, all seem to be moving with a little more zest when they don't have to hunker down to stay warm. We have a tube feeder filled with safflower seeds. Finches and chickadees work it very hard, but they are sloppy and knock a lot of seeds to the ground, where the juncos scrounge. True trickle-down economy at work. At least until the marauding squirrels swing through and stuff their cheeks with everything they can grab in their little hands and stuff into their cheeks. It all moves, once winter lifts its frigid boot from our necks, however briefly.
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