It's A Fine Life

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Ah rehearsal, the best night so far if I might add. I walked in, rehearsal skirt swishing about my ankles, boots clicking gently on the carpet of our auditorium and off we went. After giggling through the very best of the song "Pick a Pocket or Two". Once they were done setting that our director called me to the stage and off we went.

The little kids looked up to me always, like I'm the coolest. We're in character even when we're not on the stage. You see, around those kids and our lovely Mr. Fagin I am Nancy! The younger ones, especially the child playing Charley Bates, are all adoring me and crushing on me and acting bashful and vying for my attention, while the girls are caught in the hallways singing my songs, wanting to be just like me. It's unreal, we giggle and we laugh and then we're right back down to business again.

The best part was actually setting the song, it's so flirtatious the whole time! Full of curtsies, bumping Fagin out of the chair with my booty, flirting galore, kisses on the cheek, and yes even a sort of line dance. It's playful, it's flirty it's fun, and as of late it's my favorite song I get to do. Did I mention I LOVE playing Nancy? There's nothing else to say about the amazing night I had except that as of today...

"Mine's a fine, fine life!"
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