It's all going downhill right now

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I have been experiencing bad vertigo for quite a while now. It just gets worse and worse, despite the medications for it. It's stressful, nauseating, and sometimes even a bit scary when I feel like I can't stay upright. Even when I'm in my bed trying to sleep, I'm tormented by the feeling of spinning and falling.

What's even worse, though, is that my hearing is slowly failing. The hearing in my right ear was always extremely bad, but now the hearing in my left ear (the one with the vertigo) is going away. I'm hoping and praying that it's only temporary and that I'll still have a good bit of hearing left after this is over.

I know only my faith in God can get me through this. Well, I got a few good things out of this. One: I've drawn closer to God, because only through Him will I be alright. Two: Somehow, I've been more inspired to write because of this, and writing helps me get my mind off of things and brings my problems out to the surface so I can deal with them.
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