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It's Been a While.

Published by Link the Writer in the blog My First Internet Blog. Views: 76

It's been a while, my dear blog. A long, long while.

What was I doing, you ask?

#1- Playing "Red Dead Redemption". I won't spoil it for anyone, but if you're able to get M-rated games and have a 360 or a PS3...GET THIS!! You won't regret it.

#2- Learning how to drive.

#3- Teaching myself pre-Calculus. See, what happened was that I wanted to take it for my last math requirment for my history degree, but due to time constraints and a lousy teacher, I had to drop it and move it to the next semester, so I'm teaching myself this first so I can handle it when the classes begin.

That's...all I've been doing, lol. XD But nevertheless, I'm glad it's now summer (It actually began way back on May 5th) and I just feel relaxed and at peace.

  • Eoz Eanj
  • Eoz Eanj
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