It's been a while

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The last post I made was so long ago and I forgot to look at the date before beginning this post. However, if I'm right, it was either in 2012 or 2013- both years I had lived 3-4 months separated from my husband and son while I worked in another state, trying to find appropriate housing and schools for my family.
Fast forward a few years and here I am: Working full time, going to school full time, and divorced. I still have my kid, though. There's something.

I used to use this blog as an outlet for the dreams I would have, in the hopes of inspiring other writers. I was successful once in inspiring another fellow WF user to write a short Fiction that included all the major elements of one of my more bizarre dreams. It sparked a lot of discussion, it got attention, and I was beyond thrilled thhe guy had done so well with my dream details in his short story! I wish to achieve moments like that, repeatedly, again, and soon. Although I have to admit I'm no longer taking muscle relaxers for my shoulder (even though it still hurts like hell most days), and I've stopped abusing NyQuil even though it helped me dream in Cartoon. I also quit drinking alcoholic beverages, much to my roommate's dislike. Two single mothers who need their wine days and I just had to go and quit spending my money on that vice. I have a new addiction- online shopping. Watch out!

Anyways, it's ridiculously late, I'm ridiculously tired, and I have a ridiculously overqualified employee to train tomorrow. Yey! I hope everyone is well, and I look forward to picking up where I left off in my dream blogs.

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