It's Easier to Hate

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Something I've realized, over the course of my High School trials and tribulations, is that it's far easier to hate and be hated, then to pour all your time, tears, and tenacity into getting people to like you.

For instance, it takes weeks, months, even, to build up a solid reputation among your peers, to establish oneself as a friendly, good-natured,and likable guy. Friendships and reputations are things that are cultivated, as a crop of vegetables, or an orchard is cultivated.

However, with a single phrase an individual can be instantly turned against you, their animosity and dislike instantly brought upon you. Add to that another word or phrase, and you have a long lasting enemy whose disposition will not easily be returned to that of a friend.

The establishment of your personality amongst your peers is a very difficult task indeed if one desires the perception to be that of a good one. Every words must be watched, every action carefully executed, every sentence spoken meticulously analyzed. The extent to which one's self-consciouness rises is astounding and disturbing. The fear of saying or doing something that might possibly in any way decrease the amound of goodwill another might have for you consumes you, domintates your every facial expression and laugh. It is a curse, a burden the threatens to break one down entirely.

It's so easy, so incredibly easy, to become disliked, to have those around you view you with contempt. Certainly, being disliked takes little effort, as indifference is easily construed as a notion of dislike. One does not have to do favors for friends, talk to them when you do not feel like talking, listen to their problems and their friend's problems. Friends require a severe amount of effort, and the lack of any conversly requires almost none.

Thus, it is easier to hate. When you can view those around you with contempt, their contemptous words are easily dismissed, easily ignored. For if you hate them so much, one can build up a wall of contempt and hate, of spite and bitterness, and the words of your enemies meets nought but a sneer fixed upon your face.

It's easier, so much easier to hate. You don't have to worry about what your peers think. You can be yourself, there is no peer pressure because your peers have all already ostrasized you. To be hated is to be free.

It's so much easier to hate and be hated.
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