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It's enough to be a nice person

Published by lastresort in the blog lastresort's blog. Views: 228

OK religion, a tricky topic I know. A friend of mine said once "All you have to be is a good person in this life and you will get to heaven." He was/is Catholic Christian.
So all that doctrine and dogma is not important? But that makes all those theologians/writers/historians irrelevant. Surely it isn't as simple as that! And what is heaven and does it really exist?
It is a bit too simplistic isn't it. And your definition of a nice person? Doesn't murder other people or secretly sleep with their partners. Doesn't interrupt you when you are speaking. So overall, a well-mannered person who obeys the commandments. Do unto others before they do unto you. Love others as much as you hate yourself. Something like that.
But I can't buy Buddhism's reincarnation. Who me come back as a goat? Well maybe. :)Some of those Buddhists are exceptionally nice people though. Don't even swat mosquitos when they are meditating outside in summer!
Can I just briefly mention Muslims? I really like how they are so diligent in washing their hands before prayer. Buddhists and Christians could learn something from that. Make sure you are clean before you talk to God. It is respectful.
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