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Its finished!

Published by afinemess in the blog afinemess's blog. Views: 123

Sing to the tune from Star Wars:
I am done done done done done, done done done, done done done done done, done done done!! (and I am also a nerd apparently.)

I finished the novel!! Yeah me! :)

It took 11 months, 68,000 words (yes, I know, not the standard 80k, but I went for quality over quantity) 337 pages, and a total of about 4 months worth of "writers procrastination".

But I am done. Just needs a few reviews and an edit and I may try and send it out. So, I guess while folks read it, I'll work on my query letter. How do you condense a story that spans ten years into one sentence? That may be the most diffcult thing.

But anyway, yeah me!! :D

(is it normal to feel kinda sad? I don't know, the story is well rounded, theres nothing left to add, but I'm kinda sad that it's over. Hm, maybe I'm the only one who feels this when they complete a project.)
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