It's Going To Get Better

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Ever notice when a person is running for office, everything needs changing and everyone's got the stuff to get it going. But when they are in office, everything is getting better and better and the future set into place is going to be fantastic.

Seems like when they need votes, we are offered a concession to the things going on around us. No, this is not the perfect, awesome, flag-beating country we see on TV, but there are real problems that need to be addressed in real time by a real leader. Elect me, of course.

But when they are in office, the figures always change for the better. Better jobs, positive prospects in all areas that can be mentioned, and because of all the things they did, heaven is assured to connect with earth in the next twenty years. Rejoice.

The urge to rant is intimidating, but then I think of it like a team or a crew aboard a ship. When things are going bad you tell people they are going to get better. Because nothing ruins a chance for success like ill omens and prospects for the future. Give people a shining star to look up to, and they're always reaching for the better. Or perhaps this can be seen in the very basic morally dishpnest exchange between a parent and their child where a white lie is used to bolster positive feelings.

It's one thing to rant when you are looking in from the outside, but decision makers are just that, it seems. There are hard decisions and in the real world, there probably are no good choices half the time. After having done my best to imagine being at a high level of authority and being buffeted with the constant problems and alerts from a population of hundreds of millions- let alone the billions around the world- I am severely under-qualified to offer adequate criticism of a decision making process I have never witnessed nor ever experienced.

I guess that can be attributed to what the site is going through right now. A lot of grumbling- and well deserved- because of the horrid load times, if load it ever does. Obviously, a business doesn't close down and lose it's customer base unless something has gone wrong. When something has gone wrong, I'm sure they do everything as quickly as possible to get it back up again. What are the problems they are facing...what issues need ironing out...who knows. But, if they proved decent in the past, it's enough to trust in the future. Besides...I do like the new look. I saw another site like it, but they also had load time problems. Especially at night.

But I still reserve my civil right to send bast**ds, via mob, to the guillotine. Viva la Revolution :p
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