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It's just another day

Published by MindTheGap in the blog MindTheGap's blog. Views: 211

I'm off work today and am mostly just relaxing about the house, spent the morning at Disney's Hollywood Studios riding my favourite ride and wandering about looking at the holiday decor. Disney certainly doesn't scrimp on holiday cheer and seeing the parks literally caked in garlands and lights puts a smile on my face. It's a bit strange to think that Christmas Eve is two weeks from today and also that I'll see my mother and brother in ten days- both very exciting of course.

I've neglected the time I want to put into this site and I need to get back into it, I've let my work life take over but Magic Kingdom is an easy place to let take over someone's professional life. Especially since opening New Fantasyland, all hands have been on deck in all business units of the park and we all scarcely get a break to breathe. Hence why my Paris holiday in exactly one month will be such a welcome retreat for five days.

I suppose that is all for the time being.
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