It's just Rap

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A mix of passion and lyrical skills,
False spoken threats, and lyrics that kill

Mind states coincide where emotions of love die
And meaning for existence and nothingness collides

Broke hearts found in those that no longer cry
A false feeling of content in those who no longer try

A single mom, a hustler, or a kid on his grind
A small room of broke poets just speaking their mind

They rhyme dope like kilos, quarters, nickels, and dimes
Addiction ridden listeners fed in endless supply

A child’s heart beat replaced with the thump of a base
A blank album cover held up to cover their face

See music is more than the sex, glamour, and how many sold
It’s plastics that stayed hidden because they never went gold

A swag surf, or a dance song never got me through nights
A requisition of lacked love filled when you dim down the lights

It’s the ballad of couple dads beating on lunch tables
About how their family makes them smile, but support them they’re not able

Amidst worries of future and regrets of the past
Time faded to the thought of that which can no longer last

We flow in a low state and use pain as a booster
Then write all night until we’re waking the rooster

Too hard to go on—too far to go back
A thousand mile journey with some tattered clothes and a soundtrack

It’s just rap.
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