It's My Birthday!!!

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Hey again!

It's my birthday today, I'm 19!
I have to say, I loved being 18 and I don't want to get any older lol! But because it's inevitable...

Next year it will be even worse because I'll have to say goodbye to my teenage years. It's a scary thought that I'll never get them back...

But anyway....I've been very busy the last few days! On Friday night a group of my friends took me out clubbing for my birthday and that was awesome! I was very late home lol and had to get up early Saturday morning. So you can imagine that by Saturday night, I was looking forward to a quiet night of carbonara, movies and bed! But my friends had other boyfriend tricked me into going out as soon as I got to his place and he told me he had to pick up some money from his mate's place. But when we walked in the gate, it was dark. Then the lights came on and all my friends yelled SURPRISE!
I was so embarrassed, and totally shocked! I couldn't believe they'd kept the secret so long!

That was another late night lol, so I haven't slept a lot this weekend!

I've been absolutely spoilt today though, and I'm looking forward to a Chinese dinner with my family tonight!

That's my exciting weekend, in a nutshell lol. I'll post more when I have more to say!

Tiff xxxx
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