It's not finished and but tell me what you think :) Teenage Story

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I find myself suddenly awoken. I lay still in my warm bed as my eyes adjust to the bright light seeping through the crack at the side of my curtains. Everything seems so strange in the morning, like I don't know who I am or where I'm at. I can hear a distant strange sound ringing in my ears. Birds? Or maybe it's just my brother downstairs watching the tv. He's always awake so early these days, like he just can't seem to sleep anymore. What time is it anyway? 7:30 huh? I guess it's time to get up and ready for school. I don't see why everyone hates school so much, to me it's one of the best things in my life right now. The lessons are still pretty boring but at least I can see my friends. I don't really get to see them outside of school because I always have to catch up on my revision. I want to be a dancer, and that takes a lot of coursework, but I guess in the long run its worth it right? Well I hope it is because there's a lot of better things I could be doing with my times than revising dance notes in text books. That's the problem you see, I love to dance but I'm not that great at writing stuff down on paper. I have so many ideas in my head and I just want to show them through my dancing, not by writing them down in a book. That's what I'm doing now I guess.....just writing things down. I don't know why but this feels so different, much more personal in a way. That's why I love this blog, it's a way of me expressing my thoughts through a way that makes me feel free to say what I want. Anyway, I really should be getting to school now.
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