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It's only the beginning of the inevitable feast.

Published by CrowOfCalamity in the blog CrowOfCalamity's blog. Views: 392

Greetings all walks of life. This is my first blog entry and hopefully many to come as long as I have things to write about. At first, when thinking of what to write I was going to go for something plain and easy. Now that I thought of about it, I decided to just write from the heart, and my heart directs me to a dark place, but that doesn't' necessarily mean it's a bad thing.. I have always been intrigued by the dark nature of horror.

Ever since I was a kid that's what appealed to me. Almost all of my writings when I was a lad consisted of satirical, but dark elements that left the question, "What's wrong with that kid?" However, as time grew I've come to realize that my appeal to this dark genre and the ability to write about it was a gift. Many people are scared of what they don't understand, and they definitely didn't understand me. Although, that right there is the essence of horror. The fear of the unknown is something that resides with all of us.

I remember writing several stories that could potentially make stomachs turn. Cannibals, killers, and monsters alike were all hero's in my eyes, to some extent. As my writings improved and my knowledge of the world expanded I began to understand my favorite genre even more. As I continued to grow more and more, a few selected people started to keep away from me. Like I said before people don't like what they don't understand. I knew what they wanted, they liked when a kid would write some simplistic story about him and his dog playing fetch. You could say it was the influence of close minded parents.

Personally, I think that's boring. I have nothing against it, to each his own. Still, I knew I was different and I was okay with that. My parents were fine with it as well. My Father didn't care and as for my Mother, even though she was, and still is Christian she just figured I was exploring myself.

I think because I was more inclined to liking horror, I saw the realism of the world at an early age. I saw most of the facades, the gimmicks and lies. Religion never touched me, I'm proud of my impenetrable shield that blocks all bullshit. As I see it, horror explores all the fears of mankind and whether they can be conquered or not. That's what makes this genre so compelling, you can see the real struggle that people face, or you can create your own lore, and create new fears.

Nonetheless, like I said before, people fear the unknown, they wince at what they cannot understand. I intend to explore unknown, I aim to write about the most twisted and appalling subjects. I can't be the only one who thinks like this, right?

Thanks for reading, and welcome to my private hell.
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