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Published by HollieHicks in the blog HollieHicks's blog. Views: 94

I'm jealous of your smile,
your laugh.
I'm jealous that you are skinny,
and I'm fat.
I'm jealous that your family has money,
but mine doesn't.
I'm jealous because you get everything,
and I get nothing.
I'm jealous because you don't have to work,
and I have to.
I'm jealous because you look like a supermodel,
and I look like a crayon.
I'm jealous because your family loves you,
but mine doesn't.
I'm jealous cause you have pretty eyes,
but mine are dull.
Im jealous cause you have perfect hair,
but mines boring.
I'm jealous cause you have a perfect life,
but I have nothing to live for.
I'm jealous, I'm jealous, I'm jealous,
but most of all I'm jealous cause
your happy!!
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