Journey to Publication Part One

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Since I'm in the process of revising my book and putting together my book proposal, I recently rented Nonfiction Book Proposals Anyone Can Write and The Art of the Book Proposal from my local library. I haven't actually done much in terms of the book proposal itself yet because I'm focusing on revisions right now. Anyway, in The Art of the book Proposal the author lists several exercises throughout the book to make you really think about your idea. One of them was making a list of questions about the idea you have for your book. I thought it might be helpful to anyone else who might be going through the same process to post my list here.

Questions to be considered on (Insert Book name)
-Can I answer any questions on (Insert Book name) in interviews? What kind of questions might I be asked? What can I do to prepare?
-Is each chapter focused and well-organized? Does each chapter contain information, entertainment, or both?
-Do I use enough facts to back up my statements? Am I presenting my opinions in a way that is both logical and enjoyable to read?
-Does any of the writing make me sound narrow-minded, insincere, or unnecessarily hateful?
-What specifically can I say to make people interested in my book? What can I do to reach the intended audience?
-Is there anything(statement, anecdote, criticism, etc.) in this book that could make me lose my credibility?
-What can I do to convince people that I'm qualified to discuss these issues despite my young age?
-What current books can I compare my book to?
-In what ways can I promote my book on my own?
-Why is this book important? What makes it special, other than the fact that I am passionate about it?
-Is my book relevant only to recent events, or will it still be relevant 50, 60 years down the road?
-Will my book only reach a clearly defined audience, or might I be able to somehow draw people in who are not generally interested in my topic?

Those are the questions I came up with. I just thought it might be interesting to know if anyone else is going through a similar process with something they've written. When I'm finished with both proposal books I'll post my thoughts on them in the forum.
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