Joys of School

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This week at school is offically going down the tube and a big fat waste of my time.
I'm in one of those modes where all i can think about is writing and editing and trying to finish the novel I'm working on so it can be sent off to the publishers. So i have been skimping on my AP English class and i might make my grade drop before progress reports come out in a week. It would help if i could just drain that energy into my computer and move on to my school work, but then i find other ways to distract myself so it ends up being late and I haven't finished my homework or have even starting writing.
Plus the fact that i am balancing another AP class and five other regular high school classes AND dealing with drama that is revolving around some big football bully trying to get back together with my friend and trying to fight me. Me a girl trying to fight a football player? Not happening.
Oh the joys of being a teenager :redface:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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