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Published by fallen star in the blog fallen star's blog. Views: 80

Have you even woken up and wondered what's the point?
I look back at my life and I have acheived nothing. Only a broken heart and dead babies.
I haven't made the world a better place. I haven't touched somebodys life and made it all the better for my presence.
I hurt people, they hurt me. I'm confused. I don't know where I stand. I have lost friends and I mourn for them. But they can't help me make sense of all of these thoughts.
There is a dark cloud lurking on the horizon and I'm afraid it's destined for me again. I don't want to fight anymore. It's too hard.
Everyone leaves eventually, either by choice or circumstance. And the people I have left I cling onto like a life raft.
She stole my boyfriend, he broke my heart, he hit me, they ruined my life!
All I ever wanted was to be happy. I want to be who I used to be. I want these thoughts to stop going round and round in my head torturing me!

I have no control. Writing is the only way that these thoughts will leave me. Jumbled, puzzled. Things never go right in my life, because this is what I deserve. My crime unknown but my sentance is life.
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