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I took my very first balloon ride when I was 5 years old. My parents owned a toy store and traded out model rockets for a ride. My sister was scared out of her mind and could barely function (to this day, she is still like this in new situations).

I was barely tall enough to see over the side of the basket. Fortunately, there was a propane tank laying down in the basket and I hopped right on top of that to look over the city. My dad held onto my belt to make sure I didn't topple out as we flew over my grandma's house. I waved and yelled at her dog Max, like he'd actually wave back. He did bark!

In 1989, my parents purchased their first balloon. They named it after thier favorite lingerie store, "Midnight Lace". In 2000, they purchased thier second balloon and named it "AirRageous", although I voted for "AirGasm". My grandma vetoed that one, as she was majority purchaser.

That year, my first son was born. I actually brought him out to his first balloon event at the tender age of one week. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is held every October from the first weekend to the second weekend of the month.

I married my husband in that balloon in November, that same year.

In 2003, my second son was practically born on the field at the annual event. We were helping out with a friends special shape US Flag balloon. I hadn't been feeling well, so I stayed near our van to rest. During the glow, I started contracting and then a warm rush of water. I called my dad to ask how long they would be. His reply was "about 2 hours". I calmly and effectively made it known that the baby wasn't going to wait that long and my water just broke. The whole crew high-tailed it back to the van and rushed me off to the hospital. Caden was born within an hour.

As you can see, ballooning has been a huge part of my life. This sport is one of my passions and just a little insight to my strange and wonderful family.
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