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I have discovered some AMAZING snacks over the past few years--snacks that can drive the mean reds into oblivion. (Warning label: the following snacks should not be attempted for those with food addictions or frequent mood snacking.)

1. Hunt's Blueberry Muffin Pudding.

Have you ever licked blueberry muffin batter and enjoyed it perhaps more than the actual baked muffin? This snack is pretty much like taking a big ole' spoon of it.

2. Oreo Cakesters.

This snack is what would result if an Oreo cookie married a Moon pie and they had a delicious little baby.

3. Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut Almond Bars

Nature Valley's granola bars don't taste like a stick ripped off from your backyard tree anymore! The Sweet and Salty Nut bars include Peanut (with REAL peanut butter, unlike it's originally named "peanut butter" companion), Almond (In "almond butter" coating, and Cashew. These are delicious and filling for the girl on the go

4. Coconut M&M's.

M&M's has managed to create a deliciously chocolate M&M that also has an amazing coconut center--made with REAL coconut flakes! I think it may be called "Tropical M&M's" on the wrapper, but I'm not sure at the moment. All I know is that eating them is like eating a piece of chocolate coconut pie. Yum!
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