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Just need to Vent

Published by Capt.Ahab in the blog Capt.Ahab's blog. Views: 53

I suppose every teenager has their drama and I am no exception to that rule. (Though I wish I was drama free. Don't we all?)

I have been sleeping rather well lately, which is very unusual. My nights are generally restless, and when I wake for school in the morning I want to go back to sleep. But it hasn't been like that the past few days. Instead I wake up ready to go, not tired at all when I got the same amount of sleep as the previous nights. Why would I complain about something that is obviously beneficial? It's the dreams I have. All of them include me and my best friend, (which I openly admit I am in love with. She is a girl) but they don't turn out too well. It is just short of a nightmare.

The dreams itself and why I have them are easy enough to interpret, and the solution to make them stop is also very simple. The problem is actually doing something to end it. It is a very tense moment for the both of us. My friend is constantly under the stress of homework and others as I just recently found out. I don't believe this tension is purposeful, but it feels that we are no longer best friends. That in itself is heartbreaking. I will admit again that I believe I am going into, if not already, a depression. I'm becoming more distant, which I personally do not mind at all.

That is the cause of my dreams, the solution is easy, like I said before. All need to confront her and voice my opinion, establish that friendly relationship again. It is easy said than done however and I don't see this conflict being resolved too soon. I manage to build up momentum, and when I approach her, her answers and responses become evasive and I deflate completely. I hate teenage romance. It flat out sucks. But at least I am relieved by getting these thoughts out of my mind. For now I will stick to my philosophy of patience and perseverance. It will all pay off in the end.
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