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Kinda funny. If there was a God, I can understand him a little better being a writer. As a writer making a world, I realize that once the initial spark to the story has been created...once the world they exist in has been set in motion...intervention in this world should be kept to an absolute minimum, for better or worse.

The characters, the events...they should progress as they would naturally progress. If they kill themselves to the one, then that is how it must be. Why? Because I created them so that they may live out their stories as all factors decide they must. If I intervene and force my will on them, they cease to be themselves and become mere reflections of my will. I would have done better to create robots.

As a writer, I am enchanted with how the disorder I created forms into a natural order. I did not intend order. I invent things and set them down and everything begins to form around each other. Systems within systems, circles within circles. Everyone forms a cycle that is part of another cycle and everything is connected. That's nature. As a writer, I realize that nature is separate from me.

Because of this, I have also realized writer's nepotism. They will keep their favored characters alive through any situation. Nothing is too great for them, they are going to get through it. But a lot of my inspiration comes from the real world. If I write, it is about the surprising swiftness and simplicity at which the unfortunate can happen or calamity's or great fortunes ability to strike far down the road. My story will not be a tale about a character, but about the world. And in that world, when your time comes, it comes. Goodbye.

I believe that is the true tragedy of life. Despite the perseverance of our ideals and visions, reality persists as implacable as ever underneath. This is not grim speculation, just an observation. Humanity has always been an artful work of us against ourselves and us in trying to understand,identify, endure, and possibly master the great forces of existence around us that continue to dominate us in the greater spectrum. Like mice who live in the desert- industrious and wise- learning of the merits and dangers of their environment and making use of them or avoiding them as warranted.

In the Hindi religion, there is a God named Ganesha, master of obstacles and trials. And like all Gods, he is meant to represent a dominant force or theme in human existence. In stories, true trial and obstacles are manufactured to serve the author. I hope to make a story where the characters must deal around the world...not that the world must deal around the characters.
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