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No one Saves the Loser

I've been terrified my whole life.
Of this black box from which my image emanates.

An allusion of my mind; a foreshadow of my fate.
I've felt all my life it was too late.

But swore like if I ever went back it'd all change.
I would learn from my mistakes. I wouldn't have dwelled in that pain.

But back is not here and the future is not there.
Stop telling me life's a bitch. I know it's not fair.

But if we keep complaining beside this box we'll never move forward.
There's a door beneath the shadows, but I'm scared to walk towards.

I can't just close my eyes to this. I can't just charge through.
I can't run away. I've come too far.

I don't know what to do.

But if I were me and you were you.
And we actually took the time to walk in our own shoes.

Then maybe, just maybe the answers would appear.
Give up on regrets. Accept but fight the fear.

Everything I needed was inside.
Everything started again when I died.

I walked through that door and never looked back.
Walked shook steady, through the tempest black.

And came out.

But what was I scared for?
Someone tell me what was I scared for.

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