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Just using as a way to xfer files, but you can read anyways :p

Published by UnknowingWriter in the blog UnknowingWriter's blog. Views: 78

AGE: 27
HAIR COLOR: Golden-Brown (Spiked)
PHYSICAL ATRIBUTES: Funny, Handsome and Smart, but very clumsy. Can barely touch anything without it breaking

HISTORY: 20 Past lives.
1) A Hashshashin -M
2) A Scholar in Rome -M
3) A Spartan-M
4) A Nomadic Hunter-M
5) A Worker in Egypt -F
6) A Soldier in the Civil War-F
7) A Soldier in the American Revolution-F
8) A Soldier in the Hundred-Year War. -F
9) A Samurai-M
10) A Pioneer-F
11) A Pilgrim-F
12) A Farmer-M
13) A Poet -M
14) A Goth Knight-M
15) A Slave- F
16) A Diplomat-M
17) A Mercenary-M
18) An Assassin -M
19) A Priest -M
20) An Astronaut –F


These Lives affect Him/Her, like the cunning of a Hashshashin, the strength of a knight, the survival skills of a Hunter, The Endurance of a Soldier, the Mercilessness of a Mercenary, the skills of healing as a Scholar, the trust of people as a Diplomat.


In an archeological dig in the Holy Land comes across twenty statues surrounding a golden button, the scientist figure out that they are somewhat the same person. In a dire mistake, they activate the button, which starts a turn of events that would change the world.

In a lonely town up in the mountains in Colorado, Victor and Adeline live in peace as best friends, both knowing that they have had many lives before their own. They soon realize they their lives are threatened when they see a News Report about chaos in the Holy Land, Victor recognizes the Leader of these terrifying beings to be his past self.

With Adeline, he flees to Alaska, studying pieces of the Archeological find. He realizes that their purpose is to take Adeline’s soul and therefore make their own bodies be tied to the physical realm.

The Problem is that Adeline is the oldest soul in the world, the soul in which all other souls have formed from. In a race for time, he must fight off his own inner demons while fighting an unstoppable force.

If he fails, he will lose everything
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