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it has to rain so you can see which way the wind is blowing
it can be hard when all the future is beyond your knowing
you pray to God to stay ahead and keep your step from slowing
though you may lose yourself when life gets into roller coasting

the way is hard but i can tell you if you never noticed
that you can shine if you just look ahead and keep your focus
just buckle down and keep the way of calm- you are the lotus
and find the real, avoid the fake, the fools, the quite too bogus

don't ever think that life is dirt, that you had never chose this
just find the wings to fly and learn the sky- you are the boldest
or you can find yourself and search inside your inner spaces
and through your art take all inside your mind, your hallowed places

if i could spell you out it'd be in words of solid gold
or maybe words of flame with roaring letters, thick and bold
maybe your story is far more than i could ever hold
far more than all the world could ever wrap 'round as a whole

maybe we're writing with the same unknown identity
two minds who see the same words and possibilities
infinities and symmetries and deep subtleties
that merge where secret energies break insecurities

and at that moment it may be the end of you and me
a time when two minds find a oneness in a unity
no words of ink, our writing flies right off the tapestry
and leaves a trail right on the hearts of those who care to read
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