Justice Leauge vs Suicide Squad Part 2

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Its part two of everyones favorite comic book blog series regarding Justice League vs Suicide Squad! This is an update on some things that happened.

The winners of DC Rebirth's first major comic book event is....... The Justice Leauge! That's what I thought until I read the comics and saw that the Suicide Squad actually won.

So what happened was, the Justice Leauge were definitely beating the Suicide Squad. Wonder Woman of course was trashing Harley Quinn, Superman barley made it out of his fight with Enchantress, but be beat her, the Flash of course was trashing the thrower from under, and so forth. But then, when Superman beat Enchantress, Killer Frost started to attack him and drain his life force, but instead of completing the job, she just froze every member of the Suicide Squad (To stop Amanda Waller from blowing off their heads), and then preceding to freeze the Justice Leauge. Thus, the Suicide Squad beating the Justice Leauge.

Here is how the containment of the Justice Leauge went:
After being locked up in Bell Revere Penitentiary, a special addition was added to each cell of the League.
Superman: Red-Sun rays, therefore taking away his powers.
Aquaman: Tank filled with murky water, making him weak.
The Green Lanterns: Masked and had their rings taken, and since they have no powers they are pretty much human.
Wonder Woman: Bound with the lasso of truth, rendered immobile.
The Flash: In some sort of vibrating cage that stops him from speeding.
Cyborg: A frequency vibrates though his cell, stopping all of his macheniery.
Batman: Locked up in a full toe to head cast, or at least he was supposed to before he escaped.

There ya have it, and stay tuned for part 3!
(If there is one)
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