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Justice Leauge vs Suicide Squad

Published by gibble410 in the blog gibble410's blog. Views: 196

I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to buy the first edition of the six comic book long mini series of DC Rebirth, Justice League vs Suicide Squad. Here are some of the matchups, and my take on them.

Rick Flag vs Cyborg

For this match, I'd say Cyborg would win. While Rick Flag is a trained military combatant, Cyborg is a mutated human/robot with lasers and guns and incredible strength. Rick Flag is just a human, but he also has been able to keep an iron grip on the Suicide Squad for a long time now! Not an easy task.

Captain Boomerang vs The Flash

So while Captain Boomerang has some neat throwing skills, is he really a match for someone who can travel through time? I'm betting Flash will win, but Captain Boomerang has been able to defeat him before.

Batman vs Deadshot

Deadshot is a skilled assassin, but when it comes to Batman, Batman's going to win. Cause he's Batman.

Harley Quinn vs Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an amazon princess with tons of neat little accessories. Harley Quinn is an insane clown with toys. Wonder Woman is strong, but someone could probably beat a princess than an insane clown.

Killer Frost vs Jessica Kruz

A green lantern can probably take down Elsa. I am most definitely betting in Jessica Kruz.

Killer Croc vs Superman

Superman. That's all I'm going to say.

Katana vs Aquaman

Katana is a pretty powerful member of the Suicide Squad, with her agility and training in martial arts. She also has a....katana. But Aquaman has the power of the seas, and can control any living creature within them. Needless to say, my moneys on Aquaman.

So I'm going to say Justice League will win. Tell me if I forgot anyone, or who you think will win and why in the comments.
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