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January 2009 is fast becoming one of the best months in my career. :D

"Mother" to M-BRANE SF (Issue #4, May 2009).
My summary for this one is: The AI of a refugee ship carrying only children is very...mothering.

Chris Fletcher, M-BRANE's editor, has more to say: I dig stories about new and different kinds of families, and this next one is certainly one of those. The bizarre and rather creepy circumstances of these characters are depicted with great sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Follow them through a strange yet familiar and inevitably human sort of coming-of-age as they grapple with the weird concept of “Mother."

"Harmony" to Kaleidotrope (Issue #8, April 2010).

"In the beginning," M. said, chewing the end of an unlit cigar, "There were two Orders."

"Playing the Cloud Flute" to Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine (July 2009).
“You have been selected for a sacrifice,” Huatl chirped.
Chimen nodded. He knew capture would most likely lead to death by sacrifice, so
it wasn’t exactly an unpleasant surprise. He didn’t relish the thought of dying,
but as a sacrifice he was destined for some god’s heaven and, from the look of
things, would have considerable luxury for the rest of his time on earth as well.
“Who to?” he asked, because it would be interesting to know.
“It’s very important,” Huatl said. “You’re chosen for the storm god.”
“Kurakol? But isn’t he the enemy of Ixtacuital?”

An illustration is included with the story, but as it's a .pdf download I can't attach the image. You'll have to go check it out for yourself!
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