mugen shiyo Dec 14, 2011
Dude, no way. You HAVE to keep this on this site because it would be almost annoying to hop from one site to the next.

That being said, PLEASE make a post in the RPG section so we could get started with this world. Having an open-site world building thread is such an awesome idea. We could work on all sorts of things from geographies to histories. I know I love doing that stuff. Sometimes I think I like doing that more than writing the story itself.

I HOPE EVERY RPG FAN READS THIS AND BECOMES INVOLVED OR MAYBE EVEN STARTS A BLANK WORLD OF THERE OWN. They could even place themselves as characters in that world and be anything from wizard, warrior, merchant, king, inventor...and after enough talk has been done about it and everything is formed, we would be able to write all sorts of stories ABOUT that world that would eentually become stitched together DragonLance style. If you don't follow through with this I'll hate you, lol. Seriously though :mad:

Awesome idea, man.