Kinds of Apocalypse

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I think I've read or seen a number of different types of apocalypses...


Weather Related (Floods, Ice, Deserts)





Machine (Androids, Cyborgs, etc...)

Loss of Technology (though thats more of a benign thing)

I'm not sure if one exists yet, but given the trend of all types of media to shadow the events of the present, I'm certain someone is going to come out with a fiction about an economic apocalypse. One where greedy, powerful men have somehow destroyed the world by tearing apart the economy.


Final Fantasy 7 might have that story line. It features an evil organization named Shinra that is using up the planets resources for private gain and abusing everyone locally and foreign to do so. Wasn't the main plot, though. That whole point was lost under Sephiroth's enormous shadow.

But yeah...waiting on these to come out. Would be interesting.
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