Know Thyself

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The only way to effectively navigate our world is to first understand oneself.

The core of my personality that is both my deepest flaw and greatest strength is that I operate on an "all or nothing" basis.

If I act, I commit to the act. If I do not give it 100%, I do not do it. This is my strength.

If I indulge, I commit to the indulgence. Addiction is inevitable. This is my weakness.

I work most efficiently in short, energetic bursts and am able to sustain such behavior indefinitely. This is my strength.

My focus wanes after a short time of engagement and I seek out new stimuli, of which there are many more that waste time than use it effectively. This is my weakness.

Because I operate at extremes, I am able to more easily navigate the greys of a situation and identify the middle ground. This is my strength.

Because I operate at extremes, my leadership is often impulsive or indecisive. This is my weakness.

I love deeply and loyally. This is my strength.

The loves I hold so dear breed paranoia and jealously. This is my weakness.

I know who I am. This is my strength.

I know who I am. This is never weakness.
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