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Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 164

How much do you know?

You can not know more than you have directly experienced. Most of the knowledge you have you build up regarding things you have not experienced, places you never been to, situations you've never been involved in...All that is hear say gathered from some form of media or another. It may be right or it may be wrong, but you don't know that. You knowledge is based on trust in hearsay.

Hearsay... hear + say. They hear it and they say it. Substitute 'hear' with 'see' and 'read'. Now you know where knowing comes from. Or do you :p

My basic point is that, especially in today's information age, a lot of people can go around thinking they know things- even negligible things they may be taking for granted. But beyond our immediate little worlds that we can experience with our own senses we do not really know anything beyond that.

I can't say don't trust your textbook, or don't listen to the news, but be aware that in every age there are many thoughts and ideas that was right then- an provable, mind you- but wrong today, and your news is just things being said and shown to you from what most consider a credible source, but by no means infallible or incorruptible.

It would be better if I start off by saying, 'I do not know' And if saying that enough times makes me uncomfortable, go and seek the answers for myself.
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