Kong: Skull Island questions (possible minor spoilers)

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Some spoilers will follow, but I'll try to keep them minor and not hitting any key plot points.

A Broomhandle? Really?
Computers? Maybe.
Wait, what's that captain's rank?
Wrong boots.
Well, the Army changes uniforms faster and more frequently than a Japanese bride changes her dresses, but that hat don't look right to me.
A pay phone?
How did four Hueys and a Chinook just change into twelve Hueys, a Chinook, and a Sea Stallion?
Does the Army even have Sea Stallions?
They set up quick.
Computer graphics? No.
Ooh, he's big this time.
You know what tactical advantage aircraft give you over ground-based forces? Altitude.
Yeah, I suppose I'd probably panic and try to take down something the size of an insurance company office building with a 5.56 too, but it does get old. Really, I'm cool with the physics of giant monster movies, but I wonder if there's a vet in the house who could tell me how many rounds from an M-16 it would take to kill, say, a blue whale?
Wow, they were close to the base camp.
Is that a longslide? Wait, first, where is your goddamn barrel bushing? WTF, over?
I like that captain. Don't like the fact that his guys address him by his last name, but he's got his head on straight.
Whoops, no he doesn't. "Y'know why I carry this? So that when I run out of ammo, I can use it as a club without having to test the 'Mattel' legend."
-later "Y'know why I carry this M-79 and a whole bandolier of grenades? Neither do I, apparently."
Strangely bent dog tag.
I've probably listened to more static than most of you have, but I've never heard static that sounded like that. Maybe it's from the storm, but the static makes the same sound as the bug, just in a different register. Lazy.
Nope, no serrations then, sorry.
P-51? In the Pacific? Wikipedia says it's just barely possible, but not bloody plausible.
Hey, do you think if you got all the natives to hold hands, and then had one of them lick a 9-volt battery, they could run Windows 3.1?
I like that door mechanism at the base of the wall. Seriously, that's pretty cool. Heavy, but cool.
"Set up the fifty?" What frackin' fifty? This is the first time, IIRC, the fifty has ever been mentioned or shown. You do know that a fifty is about a three man item, as far as carry, don't you? Without ammo. And that you don't "set it up" without a whole bunch of fitting together, setting headspace and timing, all that jazz, by which point the baddies will have you well and truly overrun.
Those critters' heads look familiar, but I can't think of where from. Pen and ink, I think.
Flamethrower? Wait, I did see that earlier. But really, is Air Cav going to carry a flamethrower on a civilian survey mission? "Motherfucker*" sure seems to have a lot of ordnance for someone who thinks he's just keeping a bunch of scientists from getting eaten by inexplicable polar bears and smoke monsters.
That same strange bend in the dog tag comes up again, on a different tag. Interesting.
That's one hell of a flash.
Count to five. Lather, rinse, repeat, count again. Line drive on the first-base line, he's outta there!
Okay, we'll file her under "giant monster physics". Not one of the aspects of those (un)natural laws I've ever been terribly happy with though.
More helicopters?
I wish Kong were more apelike. As above, file under "giant monster physics", so he needn't be a copy of a silverback, but quadrupedal locomotion as the default would have looked better, IMHO.
Maybe I'm getting old, but that kid doesn't look 28.

Okay, despite all the above glitches, I did basically enjoy this movie, I just wish that they could have found a couple hundred bucks out of the $185,000,000 to hire a military consultant for an afternoon or so of fact-checking. Another complaint is that, for me at least, I just didn't get a "1973" vibe off any of the characters. In contrast, see the "Luisa Rey" sections of "Cloud Atlas". Those characters felt 1970s, these, for the most part, did not.

And now I see that there was a post-credits Easter Egg I didn't stick around for.


*a friend's nickname for Samuel L. Jackson. "Oh, look, Motherfucker's in that movie. I like him!"
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