Kurt Vonnegut, Rhapsody, and a little too much rain

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I've been so wrapped up in translating Japanese comics and reading comics and collecting comics that I haven't had time to sit down and actually read a novel. It's been all of five months.

I picked up (literally just closed my eyes and grabbed whatever my hands came in contact with first) Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle and Elizabeth Haydon's Rhapsody (first part of the trilogy) from a crate in my closet and have been juggling the two for the past week or so. Kurt is delicious. Haydon made me gag during the short prologue, but after trudging past all the cheese with Sam and Emily, the "First movement" is quite a good read (Meet my brother, Achmed the Snake, lol).

I recently lost my backup discs with all my writing in it. I was digging through my old binders looking for hardcopies and had combed every inch of my room, only to recall - suddenly, morosely, all the while mumbling " Oh, my god...." over and over again to myself - that the house had flooded during a bad rainy season several months ago in California, and that I had sloshed over carpets to get to my room only to find papers, journals, CD, and clothes, and my kittens, all but floating in pool of water.

Just imagine, five years worth of a novel, journal entries, letters I typed up to my ex-boyfriend but never sent out, photographs I took while backpacking in Cambodia, all gone! Good thing is, I haven't blown my top off on anybody yet. I suppose it's because I'm just too tired.
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