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what is it about the power of the sea
How does she have the power to bring men to their knees
We watch and wonder to see what's under
We sail on her, we swim in her
We move upon her surface like she is ours to do so

We dump into her,we pump into her
We harvest from her like she is ours to plunder
We take from her what we cannot give back
We take from her like a thief in the night
We take and take and pay not what's right

Is it a wonder that her time is coming
That her bounty is at an end
That her shores are rising
That her young are dying
That she feels she has no friend

Is it a wonder that she rises up and comes upon the land
To swat at those who have forced her hand
Do we not know the power she holds
For she will win as this struggle unfolds

She will lay waste to are fair land
And take it for her own and cover it with sand
Her children will feed on our flesh and blood
We will be a most delightful dish lying in her mud

She is a lady this is true
But she can be the most fearsome lady we ever knew
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