land habitats (the areas that various races live in) Nearover

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Please note I am still adding to this as I sift through my information.

land habitats.

The Heckling live in central and coastal areas of the Arrow head islands within the wastelands and upon the areas that are fruitful. The environment is typical salt arid wastelands. They use the shells of old ruined building for shelter and have only one city Sanigee, salvaged from the ruins of an old coastal port. The closest neighbours to the Heckling are the Draycon who are separated only by the Heiras ocean.

The Tortai live to the south east and the north of Savoa on coastal and plain type areas. Where farming is fruitful and rain commonly found. The Tortai lands are easy to access with forest boundaries only. Human’s as a neighbouring country. The land how ever is starting to show signs of suffering over farming.

The Humans live to the south east within the mouth of the wetlands. They are also found on a green plains belt in central Savoa. This country is easy to access, wetlands, ocean and forest mark the boarders here also.

The humans settled in West Savoa for its water sources and farmland. War has put a greater strain on farming.

The Draycon live in central and north east Savoa, along mountain ranges that over look human lands.

The Draycon live in a region that is thick with mountainous areas. The terrain is rocky but still accessible. Heavy mountain ranges, lined with thicket, forest and an ocean to mark its boarders. The human counties boarder with the Draycon’s.

The Draycon settled in Northeast Savoa due to it’s strategic location, though they have claimed ports in other countries. Over time Dryke has grown stronger the farmland has changed little.
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