Lapsed writer

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Forgive me my muse, it's been too long since my last creative writing.

I have taken you for granted, and did not do my part. And we know all relationships require work, so I cannot blame you for leaving me.

I really need your forgiveness for things left undone much more than for mistakes I have committed. Although I have been guilty of the sin of mediocre writing, but we both know it is better than just not writing creatively at all.

Will you give me another chance, and move back in with me? I know I do not deserve it. But we used to have such a good time. Remember, when we were inspired by bible reading and fairy tales and dreams? The good old days.

You may ask what has changed. Why should you trust me this time to not abandon you again? Well, I have changed. I am changing. Almost half a year has gone by since I started exercising every day, and I have kept that up, haven't I?

The way I figure writing every day is much like my daily workout. Once I make it part of my routine, and become determined, and do not take being tired and uninspired as an excuse, we ought to be able to build some creative muscles here.

So what do you say? Shall we give this another try? I have missed you, my muse.
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