Last night's dream

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Last night I had one of the strangest dreams. Disturbing and painful and full of questions.

In my dream I was at university with my brother, which of course never happened. He was already there and I was coming later in life and it seemed that we were sharing a dorm room which was more of an apartment than a student dorm.

In my dream, tow people from my past life were also present. Matt and Melanie. Melanie was the girl whom I dated all through high school and Matt was a fellah I met many years later at work. Through strange circumstances in real life, Matt and Melanie met through me and they got married and had a kid together. We had a falling out. Recently I discovered that they have divorced.

Anyway, in my dream they were both there at university with my brother and me and at some point in the dream something happened to Melanie. She had taken her own life. There was a medivac helicopter that took her away and I followed the helicopter as it took her the way that only movie cameras can.

Matt and my brother became the same person after that point. An amalgamation of two people into one. This particular phenomenon happens with regularity in my dreams.

It was the kind of dream that turns your emotional knobs up to 10 and holds them there for the duration. Each of the people in my dream was a person and a feeling, a character and an emotion. I woke up feeling like all my organs were pushed up into my chest, the way you feel when you are crying.
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