Last Weeks of School for 2009

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The last couple of weeks of school are the worst. You're sick of school and just want to be on holidays (baking a heap of wonderful cakes and getting rid of that horrible sock tan that comes from wearing sneakers every day). Anyways, I guess in the last two weeks of school you don't have anymore exams and you can just kick back bludge. Me and a couple of friends even skipped class today and didn't get in trouble. lol. Haha. I hope we get to go to the beach these hols, or got water skiing. Next year will be really good because we'll have a whole heap of different subjects to choose from. (our school has just completely gone over it's system and completely changed everything.) Soooo, all those people above the equator a probably jealous because it's summer here at the moment, but I'm seriously jealous because you get to hang out in the snow and I've never seen snow before!!! So we all have reasons to be jealous!!! haha:D
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