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Le grand hiatus de retour

Published by Fullmetal Xeno in the blog Fullmetal Xeno's blog. Views: 250

Uhh... so how long has it been since i posted on my blog? Quite a while i suppose? It's been quite a while since my last entry, so forgive me for that. I think i have really matured and grown as a writer since i left, feeling like a whole new person with a brand new name. I did although miss posting for awhile, it was a good thing i took my prolonging break.

I can tell that my writing themes and topics are rapidly changing themselves over time, i'm reincarnating myself over and over. I never realized how much has changed since i joined this fine community, so it's quite a great thing to bestow.

It's also been a huge lesson period for me, i'm not the same person i was when i joined this site, in a short span of 21 months i went from a silly 14 year old teenager to a learning, aspiring soon to be a 16 year old teenager. I'm posting this a little older and wiser.

Although i have been flamboyant in the past with certain situations, i try my best not to let dark clouds block my judgement. Meaning i just want old ties to be loosened and dropped, since i'm becoming a better writer and more mature teenager by the day from the wisdom of others.

I've been mainly focused on ONE story, but it's going to be a well-worthed one! I have been listening to advice and i am always open for more each day. I let nothing stop me because i feel like i can write this story more than ever, which is a very very good feeling to have.

Out of this short come back post, i wanted to thank the people who put up with my actions and help me along the way. You're contributions and assistance has been greatly appreciated :D
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