le petit mort de la vampire

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the winding melody in the air gave birth to writhing passions
amourous discontent
a pressing urge for flesh and fantasy
my lips quivered
my nostrils flooded with it's sweet fragrance
beneath my skin, my blood still running cold
now swept with fury and lust
the rhythmic pulsation of the crowd
their mortality
their frailty
i stood in the shadows
my gahstly face obscured by forgiving darkness
i watched them
how they danced
the bitter tang of sweat began to ooze into the night
and then i saw her
glorious and apple cheeked
her auburn hair swept across one shoulder
revealing her delicate neck
she came closer
a metallic tang filled my mouth
as i reached out i could hear her heartbeat
fast and wild
her eyes flashed
she screamed
then there was silence
the world began to turn more slowly
each mouthfull of her blood i drank with divine pleasure
her body became limp and her pulse slowed
she lay there on the floor
she moaned and writhed
her eyes rolled back in bliss
my cool hands grazed her thigh and she opened to me
i felt myself warmed by her intimate embrace
as my body swayed she grew louder
the white of my teeth now stained blood red
penetrated her once more
then all was still
with one final passing moan
she was gone
her blood still lingered on my toungue.
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