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Learn from my Failure. Never exact Revenge.

Published by Link the Writer in the blog My First Internet Blog. Views: 235


In case you ever wanted a case study on what happens when you let old grudge fester within you, take a gander at the thread I made there yesterday when I was in a somewhat sour mood.

To make an exceedingly long story short: An event happened there years ago, when I was cyber-bullied on that forum. Though the member in question is long gone, I never let go of that grudge. Never let go of that hate if you will. Yesterday, when I was in a sour mood, I decided to go back to this forum and be as passive aggressive as humanly possible (by my standards) and make that thread.

Result? I'm ashamed. Horrified. I've no words to describe it. They knew what I was doing and correctly called me out on it, and for the first time I realized just what I was doing: I was allowing an old hate to ruin my reputation on that forum, to alienate myself from everyone else there.

Guess this is why they always said revenge was never a good thing. Revenge, though satisfying in the short term, as it satisfies whatever primal feeling you may have, it doesn't do shit in the long run. Exhibit A: that thread I made.

So here you go, an example of what happens when you let an old grudge fester; what happens when you attempt revenge for something that happened years ago. If anything else, I hope you all learn from my failure. Revenge may be sweet in the short-term, but in the long-term it does nothing but make you look like an asshole.
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