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Legends of Larterra : Prologue

Published by Kimberly Wood in the blog Kimberly Wood's blog. Views: 234

It’s dark. You can’t see the sun anymore. There are not even clouds in reality; it’s all just a dark bloody crimson that covers the sky above us. You won’t see any plants either. No trees, no grass, no flowers, nothing green in sight. Thorns and weeds took over the earth, making it nearly impossible to walk the surface. I haven’t seen it in over 400 years, I won’t leave the underground. It’s not safe.
The Fairies will keep me safe. I’ll keep telling myself that, though as their numbers have dwindled over these past few centuries, their power goes with them. The head fairy, Myrna Evermoon, has become ill and as the fairies have tried to unite themselves around her, giving her the strength to heal, they have begun to weaken as well. I fear our true goal has been set aside for Myrna’s sake. Time is running out.

We have successfully remained hidden from evils grasp, but nothing lasts forever, I’ve learned that time and time again. I know she will find me, she haunts me in my sleep. I’ve been tormented for centuries, night after night of horrendous screaming, the evil yellow eyes searching for me, piercing me in every part of my soul. Sometimes I think I can hear that malicious laugh behind me. Most would give anything to be immortal, I just await my death hoping the death will finally come in my nightmares.
Even as I await death, the fairies try to will me on, trying to make me believe we will accomplish our goal in saving Larterra. As Myrna grows sicker, I fear that goal has already become out of reach. I had believed it was a crazy idea in the first place. No one can bend time, you can’t change the past. Myrna believes they have the power to achieve it, if only she can create the right kind of fairy dust. It’s been a lot of trial and error, especially error. In most recent cases I believe I’ve become allergic to her dust. However we continue to try again and again.

Every try, every small chance I think I have at changing what has happened, I think back to the day it begun. I remember the blood, the pain, the fear. In one instant, my life crumbled beneath her evil feet. I’ll never forget the pain I felt that day, when the most compassionate person in the world was sacrificed, we all paid the price. We all lost hope, saw no reason to continue. How could we? When such evil had taken over the world, how could we move on? Most of us didn’t get the chance to. Most of us didn’t even survive. Though I did, sadly I made it alive. Of all the people to have been saved it was me.

So with every try I remember, I bring back the pain and the hurt. When the dust finally works, I will know my duty when I arrive in the past. I will not forget the goal. I will save my mother’s life. I will save Larterra from evil. I will kill the one that has brought this upon us.
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