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After reading a news story about a fourth-grader getting into trouble for bringing in a LEGO gun (, I thought to myself, "Just to spite those teachers and everyone like them, I'm gonna become a fourth-grade teacher and when I teach the students history, I'm gonna use Legos whenever I want to demonstrate something, like how WWI broke out. And yes, my LEGO men will be armed with their little LEGO weapons that cannot possibly harm anyone unless they swallowed them."

Then inspiration struck me. Instead of having to wait years to become a teacher, why not I do a webcomic involving legos? Better yet, a webcomic about history involving legos!

That, I can do right now, but some problems:

1) Wouldn't it be a sign of mental issues if I, a 20-year-old man, started to collect legos again? I know, there are many webcomics like "Irregular Webcomic" that utilizes legos and their creators are well into their 20s and 30s.

2) Who's really gonna learn? How would I get it across? To most people, history's boring enough. Having to read it in comic form using one of the most cherished toys of all times might be horrible.

3) I'm lazy and procrastinate, so somehow, I do not see myself getting enough legos to reconstruct Independence Hall in the future. XD

Ah, well, one can dream, eh? :p
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