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let me tell you a story about love

Published by kimapines in the blog kimapines's blog. Views: 89

I knew this girl who from a very early age learned the meaning of love. This is her story.

She knew everytime her mother beat her that it meant that her mother loved her. She knew everytime her father beat her it meant that he loved her. She knew everytime she was kicked out of the house as a little kid it meant that her parents loved her. She knew that every time her mom threaten to sell her away that it meant her mother loved her. She knew everytime her father would not look at her it meant that he loved her. She knew everytime the teachers ignored her bruises on her arms it meant that they loved her. She knew that everytime her other relatives ignored the tell tale signs of abuse it meant they loved her.

When she got older...everytime her mother use to make fun of her growing body, it meant she was loved. Everytime her father would rip her room apart finding her journals and read them a loud and make fun of her, it meant she was loved. she knew everytime since she could remember that they have called her useless, pitiful, a matyr; they actually meant i love you, you're wonderfall, we're so amazing.

So this little girl grew up learning love in so many ways. But she didn't like it. She didn't like it at all. And when she grew up to be a young lady, she hated love. She didn't want it. She ignored it.

So now everytime someone who cares about her tells her so, that they care, that they love her. She actually knows the truth. In her head she knows thats not love. If they really loved her they wouldn't be so nice to her. If they really loved her they would hurt her in every way they could possibly stand.

The girl would smile to herself everytime someone told her that cared about her. because she knew better, she knew they weren't to be trusted. She was glad she had the knowledge, that all love ever did was cause you pain. And she knew better than everybody else that a life without love, was thousand times better than a life with one.

poor girl....i wish someone would have told her differently
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