Let the Madness Begin

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Oh boy *sigh* another long and hard rehearsal. We had chorus practice today from 3-3:45 and of course I had to be there because Nancy leads the Chorus in a round of Oom Pa Pa! It wasn't all that bad I suppose, I mean the lady that's our director stopped in for the first time today. It's the first time he's heard me since auditions. She smiled so I guess I did alright. :D

So anyway, you know how celebrities get recognized when they go out in public? I got recognized this weekend, not even j.k.! It was after a band concert for the whole county when a couple of ladies stopped me. One was elderly with wrinkles etching at her sweet smile and stormy grey eyes to match her silver hair. The other was wearing a red jacket and had her brown hair poofed to no man's land. The older of the two stopped me in total rapture.

"Aren't you starring in (insert my hometown name here) musical this year?"

"OH my yes!" Cried the other "Oliver! isn't it? Miss Nancy?" I nodded smiling.

"Yeah," I said, my heart swolen with pride. "Yes that would be me."

"When is it," the brown haired of the two asked. "We'd really like to go." I was on cloud nine, I was used to other members of the cast or friends at school calling me Nancy, but I had just been recognized by people I didn't even know. Talk about a celebrity experience!!

My other good news pertaining to the production is that I am going to see a production of Oliver! not too far from here Friday night. This is trully one of my better days. Off to rehearse now lovies, ta!
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