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Letter to Katelyn Heberlein ™

Published by ts735b in the blog ts735b's blog. Views: 188

Wow! No need to Apollo g eyes
For no doubt what with priorities
Per self and employ mint foremost
And google d by other guys
Yar email came as a pleasant sir prize
To a chap whose delight and any personal thought
Kept hermetically sealed - since divulgence could be moost unwise.

Prior mis-steps - way back before i took that promise and pledged troth
Actually, a passive decision on my part akin to a blinded moth

Blithe comments toward this, that or any other gal who me thought to behold beauty only found embarrassment when whatever motive goaded the desire to express interest.

Even though married (yet far from wedded bliss)
For ours tis not a match made in heaven, but where demons frolic and hiss

My overactive imagination wanders - albeit with urges that swell till they nearly bust
When chance circumstances transpire (as per your being assigned a case manager -
Which pleasant feeling ye might required more than expletives cussed
Since your role strictly to help our darling daughter, who seems left in the dust
Socially and hopefully one day experiences love and lust
Unlike her dada (scampered away from risks)
So please Katelyn forgive my poetic trespasses
Sans natural hankerings that must

And beg to get attention, but suppressed from mine own fear
But dread with locked notions
Ye may leer
Or feel ill at ease to app pear
When taking thy sweet punim on an outing to share
A vague expression where
Jumble of warm feelings ricochet inside and veer
Similar to one of many during countless tumultuous adolescent year.
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