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Levels Of Curiosity. By: Isabelle Torres (Sneak Preview!)h

Published by isabelletorres in the blog isabelletorres's blog. Views: 68

So guys, here it is! My exclusive sneak preview of my work in progress: Levels Of Curiosity:)

It was beautiful. The way the moonlight hit across the lake. It was glimmering, like diamonds. I was dazzled. I would have never thought that somebody like me could find this place. This magical realm of darkness and power. Even with the dark side of it, I couldn't help to think, what haven't I seen yet? In the past few days, I don't think anything
could be possible anymore. I started to doze off under the moon. Then, I saw it. In my mind, I could see a vision. These visions only happened every so often, but now, I could sense it was real. I had to warn everybody. We must prepare. For the one thing I never thought I would be able to do; battle.

Hope you guys are as excited as I am!!
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