Life After Death

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Raging, red fire blazed, crackling and burning life in a blinding light
Like the rubric glow of a mystifying orb in the diamond twilight
The hungry fire greedily feasts upon every slice of paradise in its deadly pathway
As if magically transforming the wondrous forest into an ash-coloured grey
The hard sting of choking smoke swiftly envelops the rapidly dying earth
The deathly silence cruelly soaks into the crumbling land, killing any mirth

Suddenly, cleansing rain escapes from the thundering heavens, conjuring a redolent smell
Fiercely pouring its powerful rage upon the fiery devils of the evil hell
Miraculously bringing new life to a dead wasteland, whose hopes of redemption were low
Happily leaving behind a liberated country and an astonishing, multi-coloured rainbow
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