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Life is worth living

Published by Forinsyther in the blog Forinsyther's blog. Views: 121

I was recently asked if life's worth living;

Existing doesn’t need justification, especially since none of us know how or why we started on this world. Nor do I think that your actions and contributions prove your worth, everyone has different opinions and everything you do means something different to each person. While for instance giving change to the homeless; you may feel is nothing but a vague thought in your day, might have brought hope to that other life.

That’s why it’s important to focus on making yourself feel good. If there are times when you genuinely smile, then you are not wasting your life. Because it is in fact YOUR LIFE. People generally expect you to achieve something to justify your existence, because that's the system we've fallen into over centuries. But we are told to take care of our bodies, and that involves enjoying ourselves no matter how small or pointless others may see it as. The joy is valid because it’s important to us as individuals, that’s why we are in fact individuals.
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